Back to College: Things I learned the hard way

I am entering my senior year of college and I’ve learned some things about it. Now, my experience is similar and differnet from many of my peers. Do know that everone’s experience is different. What you as an individual find important alters what happens to each person. However, I learned a few things that everyone can take with them.

  1. Procrastination is the number one way to ensure misery
    • My GPA would be significantly higher if I learned in the beginning that procrastination is an odd combination of fear, control and lack of self discipline. Procrastination is a topic that is not addressed in society enough to me. I believe that procrastination is thrown into the same category as obesity, an individual who doesn’t deal with it tends to believe that it’s only a self control problem when it actually has many layers. My form of procrastination was “productive procrastination” I would go to the gym and work out for 2 hours or go to bible study and hang out too late or watch TED talks and learn more. It’s confusing because I would do things that were good for me but I wouldn’t do my work. The problem was my fear; I didn’t want to fail my assignments. So because of my fear I couldn’t control the situation and because I couldn’t control it I lacked the self discipline to do anything.  Get to the root of the problem and attack it. You will thank yourself  later.
  2. $100 dollars is really $10 
    • As a 16 year old, I remember a $100 being a lot and as a 21 year old, it’s still a lot but I want to tell you that $100 dollars can disappear quickly. Be responsible with your income. Make a budget and stay by your budget.
  3. At the end of the day your health is all you have 
    • I missed a few days of class because I got sick and I felt terrible. I was basically bed ridden until my medicine started to work. It made me realize that there are some people who can not accomplish their dreams because they are stuck in a bed wishing that their pain would stop. Your health is almost all you have at the end. Take care of yourself.
  4. Rewriting notes is useless (for me)
    • This was the dumbest trick I have ever heard. I don’t know why it never worked for me. Maybe it’ll work for you. The study advice that I can give you is: pay attention in class, ask questions, go to tutorials, read the text book and review the material with efficiency.
  5. Read your dang textbook!!!
    • As I said before, read the textbook. Your teacher does not have the time to rewrite the textbook into a powerpoint. Sooooooo, just do your part and read the book. Sometimes the topics are really interesting after the first 3 paragraphs.
  6. Don’t let what you weren’t good at in high school determine your college career
    • From elementary school all the way to college I had the same critic “Your writing is good but you need to expand your thoughts.” This statement pissed me off because I answered the questions that the prompts would ask, I would answer them clear and concise, I don’t believe in fluff but sadly we have to adapt to succeed.

College is a really odd experience. So many things happen and life changes a lot. I hope that I helped y’all out. Talk to y’all later.

Good luck

Jazz xoxo


Sunset Box Braids

I decided to put my hair away for a tiny bit. After I added the orange hair color my hair has been screaming for moisture. My hair does not soak in my leave-in conditioner like it used to, I have to stand under my shower head an extra 3 minuets to get it soaking wet. My hair routine is normally very simple but now I have to do more so my hair doesn’t break off . So as a precaution I decided to put my hair away into this adorable style.

IMG_2141 (1)

I put in short box braids. I used about 5 packs of hair ( The $1 hair) I cut each pack of hair in half and created 8 braids from each pack of hair. So over all I had about 40 braids in my head. The style is very light weight compared to other styles that I have done.

I decided to finish the ends of my braids similar to a picture that I saw on Pinterest. I braided my hair as far as I wanted to and then I took a normal black rubber band and tied the ends closed. After that I took a pair of scissors and cut the ends of my hair bluntly. I covered the rubber bands with gold hair jewelry. I loved  how my hair looked, especially the ends. It required a lot less work when compared to dipping hair in hot water. Also, this method is safer as long as scissors are handled correctly.

IMG_2140 (1)
The colors I picked were unconventional. I always recommend doing something wild and fun if you can. I didn’t have the style in long because I had other life obligations but I hope one day  I can work for myself so I can revisit this style again. Hair is an amazing object where we can express ourselves and curate an aesthetic that reflects our personalities. And I love when I see people find a look that they find beautiful and confident; it is inspiring and awe worthy. I know I looked up to those as a kid who did whatever they wanted to their hair and I hope I can give inspiration to other kids out there too.

Love Jazz xoxo

New Hair! Who Dis?

TADAAAAA!!! I’m a pumpkin! A Sunrise! A Sunset! A Carrot Top! A side cover of a Penguin book! Frank Ocean’s Album cover! I can go on and on about all of the amazing things that this hair color reminds me of. This sunrise orange is one of the most beautiful colors I have ever done and I absolutely love it.

I’ve been blonde for 2 months and it was a nice color. It was very “natural” which is cool but every once in a while I want to do something that is outside of the box and would give me the sense of change that I want. So blonde was fun but I got over it and I felt that it was time to move onto the next thing.

So orange! A bright almost neon orange! I have a bad habit of forgetting to tell my mother when I do dramatic hair changes so when she saw me  I caught her by surprise but she said she likes it. Of course she would prefer me to have healthy natural hair (My natural hair color is black) because my natural hair is gorgeous. I love my natural hair however it’s just hair I can do whatever I want with my hair and I decided to be orange.

I used Adore’s color Orange Sunrise #38. adore-sunrise_orangeI picked it up at my local beauty supply and it cost around $4.50 per bottle. I bought 2 bottles and I used 1 and a half of them. Orange Sunrise is a semi-permanent hair dye. The brand has a wide range of colors and they are affordable and pretty easy to find at most stores. Do I recommend? Eh, it’s cool not really the best (performance nor ethical) but it’s not the worst. I normally wash my hair every week so I do not expect for this color to last more than a month before I either have to touch it up or change the whole look. So, in a month who knows what I’m going to look like.

Now is it just me or does this color remind you of Pain from the anime Naruto Shippuden. painAs conflicting as that character was in the show I adore the way the artist of Naruto designed Pain. The bright obnoxious hair and the piercings and his light eyes made Pain to be an unforgettable character. And yes, Pain was my inspiration for my hair. Also the lead singer of Paramore, Hayley WilliamsRiP2013_Paramore_Hayley_Williams_0003.jpg influenced me. For years I followed her music and her iconic orange hair. Her hair color was a reminder of my middle school youth and how music just doesn’t sound the same anymore. ( Oh goodness am I becoming an Old Head?)

Well I did not expect to love this color so much but it makes me feel so bright and happy. I feel like I give off warmth. I feel incredibly confident and I thank God for letting me do this because I feel so strong with this color.

I advise for anyone who wants to dye their hair a different color to just do it!!! It’s such an experience.  Let me know what color you would love to do.

Grace and Peace

Jazz xoxo

OOTD 6/25/18

I have finally conquered a fear: being in front of a camera with intention. Now I’m not one to do things willy-nilly, I practiced the night before. I stood in front of my bedroom mirror for about two hours moving my face and body side to side trying to see what worked and what didn’tfullsizeoutput_5bc

I do want to say that modeling is a ton of work. Holding your body in place and twisting and turning it is honestly painful. I googled all night about how to look pleasant in photos and how to take selfies. The videos helped, and I learned a lot. I figured out my left side is my favorite side of my face.

It was frightening to stare at myself for that extended period trying not to judge myself and be purely objective. I had to think, “Why am I self-conscious when I’m doing something I love?” Blogging is a new found hobby that I lovefullsizeoutput_576

Sooooo this outfit comprises of two items that I thrifted from my local thrift stores. I think this look is fantastic. I got my jean shorts about 2 years ago from my local Goodwill and I bought the top recently at a Value Village last month. I purchased the bralette from a T.J. Maxx. It was so worth it. I wear it with everything. Its comfortable, and the material is excellent.

This is one of my top favorite looks. I’ll probably wear to class once the semester starts because it’s so comfortable. It’s practical for everything casual especially for the hot weather in Atlanta. It’s an everyday look that is simple and relaxed, which is the aesthetic  that I strive for.

Tell me what you do on your days off?

Grace and Peace
Jazz xoxo

Photo credit: instagram @sirjohneli

Thrift Haul

Happy Friday! I’ve been hiding in my drafts for a little while. I had massive success at the Value Village if I say so myself. I purchased 4 items for less than 20 dollars. It has been a few months since I went on such an adventure. I hope to go to plenty more over time.

Soooo I wanted to talk about my latest finds. Sadly, Value Village (the thrift store) do not have changing rooms so some of the items did not work but I spent my money on it, so I plan to make it work.


As you may know, thrifting takes a lot of time and effort, but the adventure makes it worth it to me. I encourage others to do it also.

Thrift 3

White Chino Shorts – $6

I found a nice pair of white chino shorts. They are really ugly, but they are a perfect fit. My pants sizes are a bit weird they vary from one extreme to the other when it comes to thrifting, but that’s the joy of it all. So a great idea my friends thought of was to distress the shorts so I can be a grunge princess. I love the idea. It takes forever to do but I’m looking forward to all of the outfits that I could create with them now.

Thrifts 2

Pattern Gaucho Pants – $6
This next pair of pants was an accidental find. They were in the skirt section. I wa
s drawn to the pattern when I was there. Lately, I have been attracted to the bohemian look, and I think the pants fit the concept very well. I imagine wearing this with plenty of crop tops and turtlenecks when it becomes cold. I can see the pants looking great in heels and sandals, and if I want to do a real grungy look a pair of vans would look great. I think this is my favorite purchase of the day. It even has pockets.


White Tank Top – $3 Thrift HaulI found a white tank top that has a tie string situation in the front. It also has a scrunchy elastic on the bottom hem. I honestly do not know what crossed my mind when I purchased it. I’m going to assume that I thought I would tuck in some jeans or a skirt. It’s very dull and simple and also very awkwardly shaped for my body. I think I might cut the bottom off and dye the shirt. I saw a youtube video on how to dye fabric with natural materials like black beans or berries so that might be a new adventure to try out.


Updated note: I recently chopped the top into a crop top.fullsizeoutput_563

Thrift 4White Dress – $5
This dress was an absolute fail. It was about 2 sizes too small, and it wouldn’t fit over my hips, but I plan to make it work. I think I’m going to pull out my old sewing machine andturn the dress into a blouse. It’ll be a great transition piece for the spring and summer. Also, I think I can use it for professional interviews, so it wasn’t an absolute disaster.



The haul was fun. Let me know what your experiences are like at thrift stores.

Grace and Peace
Jazz xo

Slow Fashion: The Breakdown

Slow fashion is a concept that isn’t abstract however when put into practical sense; people tend to become confused, so I want to break it down again. Slow fashion is shopping with less vigor and speed; to curate a closet with deliberate thought and gradual progression or to purchase clothing that requires more time to be created. Before the 1990s the fashion industry only had 2-4 fashion seasons. Every 4 to 6 months fashion companies would produce new items for consumers to buy. Now in the 21st century, we have 52 fashion seasons. Fashion companies now are able to provide more and new fashion every week.

It sounds incredible. However, we have to deal with the consequences of our decision for mass production. The results are stereotypical hippie-dippy stuff like it hurts the environment and people are working in sweatshops. Slow fashion is one of the many responses developed over time to help address the issues.

Now I have written a post earlier where I give ideas on how to start slow fashion, I honestly believe that they are great tips yet I have been thinking about them a lot. And I realized that I haven’t stressed a significant concept of slow fashion enough. Also, I combined other sustainable fashion definitions together which could or already have confused my readers.

Slow fashion is slowing the speed of one’s consumption of fashion significantly. That’s it! Yet this is where it begins to become complicated. Slow fashion is an action that can be adapted to many subcultures, like minimalism, sustainable fashion, the zero waste community, labor rights communities and more. Theses communities end up making many terms like slow fashion synonymous with their missions. And it is hard not accidentally to be forced into a box. So as a blogger who writes about slow fashion I feel responsible for writing about the aspects that slow fashion contributes towards.

Slow fashion makes people more intentional in their purchases. I now can decide if I want to invest in my closet or use the resources I have to fulfill other aspects of my life. And that’s what I want to tell my readers. If you are interested in concepts of sustainability, environmentalism, social justice, mental health, self-care and many other ideas; slow fashion can help in all of those areas unintentionally. Honestly, I believe slow fashion is one of the easiest of all the social changes that exist. I’m not asking for people to stop buying what they love, I’m asking for people to buy less often. And consequently when an individual purchases items less often they tend to purchase items that are better quality or something they are willing to take care of.

I’m going to use my fiancé as an example. His name is Johnathan, and he’s a cutie pie. John doesn’t really buy clothes he’ll run his clothes into the ground before he purchases anything to replace them. But John really enjoys technology, and because he doesn’t spend his money on cheap clothes all of the time about every 4-6 months he’ll purchase a pretty decent quality tech item and the joy he experiences is displayed all over his face. Because John is a man who would instead buy new equipment than clothing, he tends to be extremely specific when it comes to the items of clothing that he wants. Something really has to strike his fancy or hold a profound significance for him to want to buy it without regret. Johnathan unintentionally participates in slow fashion. He only purchases clothes about once or twice a year in bulk or he’ll pick up a new tee shirt once every blue moon.

I also know many of my close friends love shopping and they experience that same joy that John does when he buys new tech so who am I to take away their happiness from happening every week? I know that many would never change their habits and many of the individuals that I talk to think what I find important is just a useless cause or a bit extreme. It might be in some regard, but this is the little that I can do to help those who are affected negatively by the fashion industry, contribute less damage to the earth, save some money, create a closet that I love and give myself the peace of mind that I crave. I hope some individuals would see that shopping slower is not a significant thing to do and that it’s honestly a mindless activity once the mindset sinks in.

Slow fashion: shopping with less vigor and speed, to consume less fashion, to purchase items that requires longer time to be produced. This is my attempt to help my environment and community until I can do more. I just hope those of you reading will try to do something in your power to help those around you too, even if it’s as small as recycling a water bottle or as big as starting a non-profit or business.

Jazz xo

A Mindful Walk

I woke up to a *ding* going off next to my ear. I rolled over and noticed a text from my fiancé asking if I wanted to go to Arabia Mountain (a national heritage area on the east side of Atlanta) with him and his friend P.J. I said yes. I rose and grabbed some jeans, a T-shirt, a hat and my hiking boots. I ate a yummy breakfast: cinnamon and nutmeg oatmeal and I slapped sunblock on my face. I was ready to go!

John, P.J. and I pulled up to the park. We got out and started along the trail. The adventure was filled with laughs and croaking frogs. We tried to help nature by picking up trash we saw. We made references that only we would know. We gave each other undivided attention. All in all, it was a relaxing start to relaxing day.

Many people in my life do not have the desire to be outside especially if they live in Georgia (It’s just way too humid, sometimes I feel like I’m breathing water.) However, I want to encourage people to step outside and take a walk or sit in the yard. I’m not a scientist nor a health guru, but I do believe that being outside encourages mindfulness. Personally, when I stepped onto the trail with my friends, I noticed an uplift in my spirit.


I am an individual who is sensitive to basically everything. My emotions go wild if I overeat meat during the week. If someone starts to raise their voice (not yelling, just a firm tone) at me out of frustration, you’ll begin to see tears in my eyes. If I forget to study my bible, I’m a little bit more sharp with my words, and I refuse to take criticism well. If I eat a delicious meal I smile wider than the Mississippi River. Silence brings me joy and unnecessary sounds scrape on my nerves. So just imagine what peace I experienced when I stood in the sun for a little bit.

I felt my mood soar. I saw a world that I never get to see usually. I felt small, but I also felt strong. I felt my day slow down and my mind focused on the present. I know most of my life would be considered “fast” I drive fast, I talk fast, I eat fast. For many things, I am not mindful. It is a sad downfall to many who are trying to pursue their dreams. But walking around outside with my friends and enjoying the 2-mile walk allowed me to pay attention to the little things. I took my time to look at all of the nuances that surrounded me. I connected with my life. I saw the beauty and the destruction that surrounded me. I wasn’t caught up in all of the emotions that bring havoc to my thoughts. I was able to see and be with those that really matter to me.

A ton of my peers now asks me why I started a blog on slow fashion. To some, I answer: I want to help those who are affected by the negative side of fast fashion. To others I say: I think it’ll help my community. But my favorite response is, I want others to experience the joy of loving their closet with what they have. Also, to use what they would of spent on poor quality (ethically, financially, or emotionally; whichever is more prevalent) to fund their dreams. Some may agree or disagree but God introduced me to slow fashion to give me more access to a mindful lifestyle, so I can have more experiences like hiking Arabia Mountain with my friends. A few years ago I would have spent my money, my emotions and my time without intention instead of doing something I actually loved.

Let me know if slow fashion altered parts of your life in the comments. Talk to Y’all soon

Jazz ❤